HR programmatics

Programmatic trading of job adverts

Xtramile applies the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and trading to the world of direct recruitment

  • Allocate budget for a specific position or a group of positions to be filled.
  • Monitor campaign performance and increase, decrease or suspend budgets as required.
  • Easily view full details of campaigns including numbers of clicks, applications and total costs.
Why do our clients work with us?
  • ROI optimisation

    Efficiently allocate your budget for each open position and adapt in real-time depending on performance.

  • Campaign assistant

    Your own personal contact who'll advise and guide you through the whole campaign

  • Time-saving

    Get results more quickly, and with fewer resources engaged at your end

  • Optimisation

    Benefit from optimisation of data and traffic sources both at the level of your industry as well as your company

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